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Thinking of Labor's Future - June 12, 2012

Can Tomorrow’s Unions Inspire the Unemployed
To Fight for a Jobs Program That Can Succeed?

(The Eighth and final article in a Series)

Unless the jobs problem is significantly solved, the United States, the richest country in the world, will develop an underclass of people. Homelessness will increase, and so, inevitably, will violence and crime. Employers will continue to cut wages and benefits, pushing workers into a “race to the bottom." There will be an obvious shrinking in organized labor’s membership and power.
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LaborTalk - June 14, 2012

Should the 2012 Elections Be a Fund-Raising Race
For the Presidency Between Romney and Obama?

On the assumption that the candidate with the most financial contributions will win the presidential election, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are spending most of their time to coaxing potential big donors for their support.

With only five months before Election Day, both Romney and Obama are on a frenzied schedule of fund-raising all across the country, leaving their surrogates to talk to voters about the critical issues of their campaigns.
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World of Labor – June 8, 2012

Annual Survey of Trade Union Rights
About 10,000 Singapore Civil Servants to Get Pay Raise Next Month
Turkish Law Banning Aviation Strikes Becomes Official
French Government Restores Retirement at 60 for 100,000 Workers
Grave Concern for Algerian Unionists on Hunger Strike
Finnish Unions Plan Action Against Nuclear Utility
June 8, 2012 — Read Column

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Labor Educator Harry Kelber Is Interviewed
By the Magazine’s Reporter, Josh Eidelson

April 30, 2012

Over eight decades in the labor movement, Harry Kelber has been a rank-and-file union leader, an author and an academic. At 25, he edited two weekly labor newspapers. At 57, he helped found a labor college at Empire State College. At 81, he ran for AFL-CIO vice president. Now 97, he writes three columns a week for his website, The Labor Educator. The Nation talked to Kelber about his experience of the labor movement’s past, his critique of its present and what he sees in its future. What follows is a condensed and edited transcript of our conversation.
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Union Activist Going Strong at 97
By Matthew Rothschild, April 7, 2012, The Progressive

I’d like you to meet a great labor activist.

His name is Harry Kelber. He’s 97. “I’ll be 98 in June,” he tells me.

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An Interview:
Harry Kelber on the Failure of
the AFL, the Decline of Unions
and How to Turn It Around

In June 2011, Corporate Crime Reporter (CCR) interviewed Labor Educator Harry Kelber. Here is a link to CCR's website and the interview.

"At one time, Harry Kelber – who just turned 97 last week – was a conservative.

"But that was in high school."

Read the full interview
The site of Corporate Crime Reporter, edited by Russell Mokhiber

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Revitalizing the AFL-CIO

By Ralph Nader
May 23, 2011, Commondreams

When Harry Kelber, the 96 year old relentless labor advocate and editor of The Labor Educator speaks, the leadership of the AFL-CIO should listen. A vigorous champion for the rights of rank-and-file workers vis-à-vis their corporate employers and their labor union leaders, Kelber has recently completed a series of five articles titled “Reasons Why the AFL-CIO Is Broken; Let Us Start a Debate on How to Fix It.”
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Tools for Union Organizing and Political Action

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Video, "AFL-CIO Tops Rig 2009 Election Rules To Stop Candidate Harry Kelber From Running"

Harry Kelber, a labor educator and journalist was prevented from running as a candidate for the AFL-CIO 2009 Executive Board election. Although there are 43 spots available no other candidates have even sought to get elected. In order to prevent Harry from running as he did at the last election the rules have been changed illegally to violate the constitution.
Watch Harry Kelber's Interview

Click here or above to watch video.

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'My Seventy Years
in the
Labor Movement'

10 Highlights of Harry Kelber's Unique Career

1. During the Great Depression, Harry led a four-month strike at a major food market in Brooklyn, N.Y, that ended with a good union contract.

2. At age 25, Harry was editor of two independent weekly labor newspapers that covered CIO organizing campaigns, as well as the activities of teamster and construction unions.

3. At age 50, Harry earned a B.A. from Brooklyn College and an M.A. and PhD. from New York University - all within 5-1/2 years.

4. In the 1962-63 printers' strike that shut down New York City's daily newspapers for 114 days, Harry was editor of the Daily Strike Bulletin.

5. As the legislative director of the Physicians Forum, Harry played a key role in winning social security for the nation's doctors.

6. In 1968, Harry created and became the first director of Cornell University's Two-Year Labor/Liberal Arts Program.

7. In recognition of his distinguished teaching career, Empire State College created the Dr. Harry Kelber Endowment in Labor Studies.

8. At age 70, Harry became the Educational and Cultural Director of Electrical Workers Local 3, I.B.E.W., a position he held for nearly six years.

9. In 1992, Harry led a week-long seminar in Moscow for 145 labor leaders of the former Soviet Union on the theme, "Democratic Unions in a Market Economy."

10. In 1995, at age 81, Harry ran for a vice president seat on the AFL-CIO Executive Council to force the first election ever, in which a rank-and-filer challenged incumbent officers.

You will be fascinated by the stories
each of Kelber's accomplishments
$25 per copy (includes mailing)
370 pages - 8 pages of photographs

Click here to purchase 'My Seventy Years in the Labor Movement.

Daily News, "Spotlight on Great People: His [Harry Kelber] 70-year battle for the rights of workers," by Clem Richardson, October 10, 2008
Read the article on Harry Kelber

A Woman Is Not a Yes-Man
Words & Music by Harry Kelber

Read the song
Listen to the music

Harry Kelber's poetic commentary on "CEO Lust,"
delivered at Labor Notes conference May 2006.
You can see and hear Harry reciting his poem by clicking below.
You can read Harry's poem by clicking here.

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