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Annual Survey of Trade Union Rights
About 10,000 Singapore Civil Servants to Get Pay Raise Next Month
Turkish Law Banning Aviation Strikes Becomes Official
French Government Restores Retirement at 60 for 100,000 Workers
Grave Concern for Algerian Unionists on Hunger Strike
Finnish Unions Plan Action Against Nuclear Utility
The World of Labor — June 8, 2012

Feeble U.S. Job Growth Raises Fear of a Revived Recession
G-20 Countries Urged to Use More Pension Funds for Investment
French Unions Warn of Mass Job Cuts in Reform Talks
British Doctors Take Action for First Time in 40 Years
Journalists Protest Machete Attack in Bangladesh
Dockworkers Strike at Brazil’s Biggest Port
The World of Labor — June 2, 2012

Burmese Migrant Workers Double Their Wages after Strike
75,000 Teachers in Mexico Launch Militant Strike
Irish Unions Say New Investments Could Produce 100,000 Jobs
Qatar to Establish First Labor Union
A Rare Strike by Norway’s State Workers
New Caledonia Employers Upset at Reform Process
The World of Labor — May 26, 2012

Thousands of Chicago Marchers Urge G-8 to Adopt Transaction Tax
Germany’s IG Metall Wins Highest Pay Rise in 20 Years
Three European Labor Federations Merge to Form Union of 7 Million
Dutch Workers ‘Wages Are Among the World’s Highest.’
New French Cabinet Takes 30% Pay Cut
Walesa, a Polish labor icon from the 1980s, Criticizes Solidarity
The World of Labor — May 19, 2012

Europe May Favor ‘Growth Plan’ of French President
Death Threats Continue Under Colombian Trade Pact
788 Nigerian Doctors Are Fired, as Unions Strike
Polish Workers ‘Chain-In’ Lawmakers over Pensions
New Report Shatters DHL’s ‘Good Conduct’ Claim
Workers React to Brazil’s Rush to Build Dams in the Amazon
The World of Labor — May 12, 2012

Workers of the World Mark May Day 2012
Jobless Rate Reaches New High in Euro Zone
Strike at Amazon Project in Second Week
New-Look Dutch Labor Federation Should Be More Democratic
Irish Workers Celebrate as 139-day Sit-in Ends
Workers Stage Warning Strike in Germany
The World of Labor — May 5, 2012

Anti-Terror Laws Haunt Pakistani’s Unionists
Brazilian Mining Giant Under Fire for Environment Damage
UNI Steps up Campaign against Firings by Major British Company
Occupiers and Unions, will celebrate May Day in New York City
100,000 Indonesian Workers to Rally on May Day
Ireland’s Unions to Resist Cuts in Allowances
The World of Labor — April 28, 2012

Unions Challenge G20 to Invest 2% of GDP in Green Jobs
Unions Push to Get Rio Tinto Off the Olympic Podium
Public Sector Workers In Slovenia Strike against Pay Cuts
Workers Building Big Dam in the Amazon Plan to Strike
Russian Workers’ Actions Express Growing Discontent
Despite Record Profits, Company Closes Unionized Factory in Mexico
The World of Labor — April 21, 2012

Indonesia Ratifies Convention on Migrant Workers
Kenya’s Aviation Union Strikers Ignore ‘Return to Work’ Order
Labor Organizer who exposed dangerous Conditions Is Tortured and Killed
Australian Steelworkers Meet in a Bid to Save Their Industry
Brazil’s World Cup Construction sites Disrupted by Strike over Wages
Brussels Transport Strike Extended after Fatal Attack
The World of Labor — April 14, 2012

IndustriALL, a New Global Union, to Unite All Workers in Supply Chain
Israeli Unions Fight Netanyahue’s Plan to slash salary incentives
Saudi Arabia Frees 22 Indonesian Maids on Death Row
Italian Labor Reform Plan Sparks Wide Debate
Polish Women Workers Fight Back Against Spendthrift Austerity
Swaziland Closes Its Only Trade Union
The World of Labor — April 7, 2012

Women in Manufacturing Face Fourth Largest Pay Gap
Demand Saudi Arabian King End Slavery of Domestic Workers
Canadian Auto Union Donates $100,000 to Women’s Shelters
Central Asian Women Encounter Hardships as Migrants to Russia
Unions Press DHL to Guarantee Rights to All of Its Global Workforce
Brazil’s Trucker Strike Leaves Gas Pumps Near Empty in Sao Paulo
The World of Labor — March 10, 2012

Tens of Millions Join India’s One-Day Protest Strike
Oil Services Giant Is Pressured over Egyptian Union-Busting
Europe’s Unions Protest ‘Straitjacket’ Treaty
Haitians Take Arduous Path to Brazil and Jobs
IMF Demands Reinstatement of 54 Dismissed Thailand Unionists
Irish Workers Will Work an Extra Day Without Pay on Feb. 29
The World of Labor — March 3, 2012

U.S. Congress Retains Payroll Tax Cut and Jobless Benefits for Workers
Rally in Netherlands Calls on Unilever to Save U.K. Pensions
Iraqis Demonstrate for Jobs at Shell’s Oil Fields
Turkey Repression Against Women Trade Unionists
Improved Industrial Agreement for 240,000 Danish Workers
Strike at Yemen Oil Company Endangers Ïragile Economy
The World of Labor — February 18, 2012

World Union Supports Egyptian Dock Strike
Greeks Strike in Defiance of EU Ultimatum on Debt
German and Finnish Unions Fight Against Cuts at Nokia Siemens
Japanese Auto Union Supports Democratic Elections at Honda Mexico
Police Stage Strike Prior to Carnival in Brazil
Warning of Worker Shortage by 2018, Says Chinese Analyst
The World of Labor — February 12, 2012

Governments Urged to Act on U.N. Jobs and Social Protections
U.S. Economy Created 243,000 Jobs in January
East Asia Week of Action Starts February 6
Electrolux on Strike in Romania
New Directive on ‘Modest Dress’ Outrages Iraq’s Female Workers
The Philippines Are Charged with Failure to Resolve Murder of Unionists
The World of Labor — February 5, 2012

70 Billionaires at World Forum Talk about Income Inequality
Union Membership Rate in the United States Fell Again in 2011
Belgium’s Public Workers Strike over Pensions
Bigger Role for Feminists in Latin America’s Banana Industry
Canadian Rio Tinto Lockout Nears One Month
Indonesian Industries Yield to Labor Power
Thailand’s Floods Force 100,000 Burma Immigrants to Return Home
The World of Labor — January 28, 2012

16 Million Indonesian Workers May Benefit from Changes in Law
Mass Dismissals at Municipal Council in Guatemala
Big Victory for Turkish Metal Workers after Three-Year Court Fight
Ghana’s University Teachers Stage Sit-Down Strike over Back Pay
Over $105 Million is Won for Former British Woolworths Workers
Karachi Electrical Workers Stage Sit-in Near ‘Red Zone’
The World of Labor — January 21, 2012

Dutch Pension Fund Dumps Walmart
Niki Factory to Pay $1 Million to Indonesian Workers on Overtime
Australia at Risk of White-Collar Recession
Egyptian Workers Discuss Entering the Political Scene
Microsoft Is Probing Mass Suicide Threat at Chinese Plant
Nigerian Fuel Strike Begins Its Fifth Day
The World of Labor — January 14, 2012

Total Unpaid Overtime is equal to a Trillion Extra Jobs, Says TUC
Sudexo Signs Union Contract for 391,000 Worldwide Employees
Hong Kong HSBC Workers to Lose 1,000 Jobs
Dutch Cleaners Take National Strike Action
ITF South East Asia Begins a Week of Action
Argentina’s Subway Workers Threaten to Allow Free Rides
The World of Labor — January 7, 2012

Republicans Agree to Two-Months Extension of Jobless Benefits
Strikes over Austerity Hit Europe Holiday Travel
Turkish Transport Union Signs Historic Pact with United Parcel Service
Freeport Striking Miners Return to Work in Indonesia
Italian Government Workers Strike over Taxes and Pensions
Cambodian Unions Threaten Strike over Short-Term Contracts
The World of Labor — December 25, 2011

European Union Shifts Economic Aid to Poorer Countries
Italy’s New Prime Minister Offers Austerity Plan; Unions React by Strikes
Organizing Workers in the Global ‘Informal’ Economy Is Major Challenge
Egypt’s Independent Unions Are Harassed by Military Police
Civil Service Strike Looms in Zimbabwe
Unilever Workers in Britain Begin First National Strike
The World of Labor — December 10, 2011

Burma’s Workers Are the First to Test the Government’s Reforms
Nearly 2 million British Public Sector Workers Strike over Pensions
ICEM Signs 16th Global Agreement with Petrobras in Brazil
Is a U.S. Mining Firm Funding a Violent Crackdown in Indonesia?
ITF Joins Global Call to End Lockout in Turkey
Greek Workers Walk Out in Protest for 7th Time
The World of Labor — December 3, 2011

The U.S. Is ‘Dead Last’ Among 21 Nations in Unionization Rates
Chinese Workers Strike at IBM Parts Supplier and Lingerie Factory
General Strike Shuts Down Portugal
Egyptian Protesters and Police Observe Temporary Truce
Nigerian Workers Begin Industrial Action over Troops and Facilities
Fate Is Uncertain for about 600 Bangladeshi Garment Workers
The World of Labor — November 26, 2011

Mass Arrests at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests
Union Wins Pay Equity Case Against Canada Post
Mexico’s Mine Labor Leader Receives Meany-Kirkland Award
Mass Firings at Site for Brazil’s Amazon Dam
Hyundai’s New Union Leader Demands End of Overnight Shift
Thai Floods Force 100,000 Myanmar Immigrant Workers Home
The World of Labor — November 19, 2011

ILO Warns That World Economy Is on Verge of a New Jobs Recession
Tunisian Women Rally to Defend Rights Against Islamists
Ecuador Arbitrarily Dismisses Thousands of Public Employees
Verizon and 29 Other Big Corporations Paid No Taxes Since 2007
World Cup Tournament Doesn’t Boost Full-Time Jobs in New Zealand
U.S. Steel Workers Ask Corruption Probe of American Firm in Indonesia
Rescue Team Saves Chinese Miners Trapped in a Mine Explosion
The World of Labor — November 6, 2011

Egypt Police Storm Government Building, as Thousands Strike
Quantas Grounds Global Fleet over Labor Dispute
Unions Call for Comprehensive ILO Action on ‘Precarious’ Work
Portugal’s Unions Ready to Challenge Austerity Measures
Meeting of New Zealand Port Unions Vows to Fight Job Cuts
India’s Trade Unions Threaten Strike Against Rising Prices,
The World of Labor — October 29, 2011

ITUC Council Sets Agenda for Global Action in 2012
Libyan Oil Workers Continue Their Strike
Wal-Mart Cuts Some Health Care Benefits
30,000 Metalworkers on Strike in Finland
Portugal Is Facing a General Strike
Forty Factories Are Occupied in Uruguayan Strike
The World of Labor — October 22, 2011

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Fights Eviction Threat by New York’s Mayor
German Chancellor and Global Organizations Call for G20 Jobs Action
Myanmar (Burma) Workers Win Right to Strike
Collective Agreement Reached in Swiss Watch Industry
Romania’s IMF-Inspired Labor Laws Creating Hardships for Workers
Brazil’s Post Office Strikers Are Penalized by Court Intervention
The World of Labor — October 15, 2011

AFL-CIO Endorses ‘Occupy Wall Street’; unions Join Growing Protest Movement
U.S. Jobless Rate Remains at 9.1. Private Industry Added a Disappointing 103,000 Jobs in September
Thousands of German Airbus Workers Are on Strike
Fiat to Shut Two Plants in Italy; 2,200 Workers to Lose Their Jobs
Swedish Cops March in Low-Wage Protest
Indonesian Workers Extend Copper Mine Strike for a Month
The World of Labor — October 8, 2011

Fifteen Colombian Union Leaders Have Been Murdered Since April
European Union Welcomes Transaction Tax to Be Introduced by 2014
Bolivian Leader Asks for Pardon after a Nationwide Strike
Greek Public Sector Workers Lock Out International Finance Inspectors
Kenya’s Contract Teachers Put on Permanent Terms
Hungarian Metalworkers Fight Against Anti-Worker Bill
The World of Labor — October 1, 2011

World Leaders to Discuss Unemployment at Annual Meeting
23,000 Nurses Across U.S. Demonstrate for Patient Care
Airbus Fails to Reach an Agreement with German Union
Honda Union Continues Struggle in Mexico
Protests Shut Colombian Oil Fields
FIJI Unions Alarmed at U.S. Firm’s Power in Their Country
The World of Labor — September 24, 2011

Actions Are Taken to Form a New Global Union Federation
IMF Signs First Contract in Germany’s Solar Energy Sector
Swaziland Union Keeps Demanding End to Monarchy
Dockworkers and Panama Pilots Form an Alliance
Unions Use Rugby World Cup Game to Fight Fiji Government
Colombian Oil Workers Fight Back Against Oppressive Conditions
The World of Labor — September 17, 2011

U.S. Economy Had Zero Job Growth in August
Qatar, an Arabian Emirate, boosts Pay and Pensions of Its Employees
Brazilian Autoworkers Get Big Pay Boost at Renault
Egypt’s Military Issues Warning to Strikers
Turkey Is Urged to Revamp Worker Rights Law
Thousands March Against Swaziland King
The World of Labor — September 10, 2011

World’s Labor Force Includes 250 Million Children, Says ILO
Union-Sponsored Health Clinic Opens in Haiti
U.S. Employers Will Be Required to Publicize Worker Rights
Toyota Employees Strike Company’s Australian Plant
Italian Unions Mobilize Against Austerity Plan
Police Fire Water Cannons at Koreans Protesting Layoffs
The World of Labor — September 3, 2011

U.S. Postal Service Seeks Concessions, from Union or Else Congress
British Unions Plan Targeted Strikes over Pensions
Forced Overtime Causes Mass Fainting in Cambodian Factory
ITUC Statement Urges Support for Democracy and Justice in Libya
Eurotunnel Braces for French Employee Strike
Sweatshops in Haiti Are Among the Worst
The World of Labor — August 27, 2011

Police Fire Teargas at Tunisian Protesters
Samsung Told to Improve Korean Workers' Safety
About 30 Immigrant Schools in Beijing Ordered Closed
Ohio Governor Offers to Change Anti-Union Law
Bahrein Union Leaders on Hunger Strike
Chrome Miners' in Albania are on Hunger Strike, in Shifts
The World of Labor — August 20, 2011

Japan and Norway Unions Help Thailand Truck Drivers
300,000 Israelis Take to the Streets for Social Justice
Egyptian Labor Flaunts Anti-Stike Law
Striking Greek Taxi Drivers Offer Free Rides
Huge Turnout Expected In Seoul at Rally for Change
Thousands of Building Workers in Burma Lose Jobs
The World of Labor — August 13, 2011

A Global Minimum Wage System Needed for Economic Recovery
Indian Banks Hit by Nation-Wide Bank Strike
TUC Launches New Microsite to Help People Know Their Rights
AFL-CIO Council Lauds Middle East Workers’ Fight for Freedom
Journalists Condemn NATO Bombing of Libyan Television
Steelworkers Accept Honeywell Contract After a Long Lockout
The World of Labor — August 6, 2011

Olympics Firms Warned on Sweatshop Abuse
Israel Crisis Escalates as Unions Step in
The Fiji Government Will Stop Collecting Union Dues
German Workers Retiring Later in Life
Chilean Copper Miners Strike Global Company
S. Korean Woman Spends 200 Days on Top of Crane
The World of Labor — July 30, 2011

Germany Looks to Greece and Spain for Workers
IBM Unions Form Global Alliance
Kenyan Dockers Begin ‘Go-Slow’ over Privatization
Thousands of Oil Workers Protest in Colombia
Unions Accuse Thai Government of Migrant Abuse
Poland’s Solidarity Union to Sign Paper Deal
The World of Labor — July 23, 2011

Unions Call on Japan to Stop Nuclear Energy Use
East-West Wage Gap Persists in Germany
Egyptian Strikers Threaten to Shut Suez Canal
Starbucks Workers Are on Strike in Chile
90% of New Korean Unions Remain Unaffiliated
Taiwan’s Teachers Set Up First Legal Trade Union
The World of Labor — July 16, 2011

U.S. Economy in Slowdown; No Growth in Jobs
Union Condemns Closing of British Paper
Report Reveals Weak Labor Laws In Europe
Starbucks Coffee Faces Strike in Chile
Canadian Union Plans National Fight Against Cuts
Indonesian Copper Miners Start Seven-Day Strike
The World of Labor — July 9, 2011

Biggest British Strikes Since 1980s over Pensions
Finland Aims to Create 90,000 Jobs
Germany Uses Shorter Work Week to Save Jobs
Chile’s Unions Plan Strike at Codelco
Czech Unions Plan Protests at Health Ministry
Nigerian Unions Issue 14-Day Strike Notice
The World of Labor — July 2, 2011

Court Dismisses Women’s Suit Against Wal-Mart
Chrysler, Fiat Unions Join Global Network
Unions Protest EU’s Austerity Measures
Unpaid Sri Lanka Workers in Iraq on Hunger Strike
Spying on Workers Made Legal in New Zealand
Bangladesh Rickshaw Drivers Warn of July 3 Strike
The World of Labor — June 25, 2011

Biggest British Strike in 100 Years, Says Union Chief
Tories to Strip Canadian Unions of Bargaining Rights
Indonesian Workers Demand Social Security for All
New Unions in Egypt Clash with Mubarak Old Guard
Unions Demand Equal Pay in Switzerland
Volkswagen Strike in Brazil Ends After 40 Days
The World of Labor — June 18, 2011

World-Wide Survey Shows Repression Is Increasing
Russians Move to Ban Temp Agency Labor
Police Attack Renewed Strikes in Egypt
Bahrein Puts Medical Staff on Security Trial
The Government Wants Unions to Pay for Strikes
Strikes Hit Greece in Protests at More Austerity
The World of Labor — June 11, 2011

European Railroad Workers Reject ‘Fragmentation
Argentina’s Trade Union Wins 30% Pay Increase
70,000 Mexican Teachers Protest Use of Test Scores
Chinese Workers Owed Billions in Failed Payments
Spain Will Act to Approve New Wage Rules
Japan Relaxes Worker Dress Code to Save Energy
The World of Labor — June 4, 2011

Arab Workers Demand Jobs and Rights in Region
G8 Summit Must Deliver on Jobs, Say Global Unions
Protest Global Corporation’s Use of Lie Detectors
Paris FedEx Air-Hub Workers Strike over Pay Rise
Turkish Aviation Union Wins Strike on First Day
Brazilian Auto Workers Want Profit-Sharing at GM Plant
The World of Labor — May 28, 2011

Asia-Pacific Unions Are Creating a Global Federation
Finnish Paper Walkouts Intensify Because of Strike-Breaking
AFL-CIO Seeks to Halt Trade Pact with Bahrain after Crackdown
Greeks Stage Protests Against New Spending Cuts
Egyptian Doctors Hold First Nationwide Strike
Temp Workers in Germany Dismay Unions
The World of Labor — May 14, 2011

Millions March on May Day Amid Austerity Measures in Europe
Italian Union Declares a General Strike on May 6
Progress Reported toward New Global Union
Sixty Big-Name Brands Continue to Use Sweatshop Labor
Finland Seeks to Improve Social Security for Self-Employed
A Deal Is Reached with a Codelco Copper Mine in Chile
The World of Labor — May 7, 2011

May Day, a Workers’ Holiday, Is Celebrated Around the World
Workers’ Memorial Day Honors the Dead, with a Vow to the Living
Building Unions in the Arab World
U.S. and Colombia Near Trade Pact, Despite Murders
Argentina Labor Leader Call for Street Rally of Half-Million Workers
Labor Unions Demand Better Conditions at Sodexo
The World of Labor — May 1, 2011

Earth Day Is Celebrated by Countries Around the World
U.S. Banana Firm Hired Colombian Paramilitaries
Labor Board Orders Boeing to Shift Production to a Union Site
Egyptian Workers Strike for a Better Textile Industry
Turkish Tekel Workers Face Eight Years in Prison
French Riot Police in Uproar at Ban On Lunch-Time Booze
The World of Labor — April 23, 2011

200 Million Chinese in Danger of ‘Workplace Disease’
French Nuclear Group Signs Pact with Union on Training
One-Month Strike at GM’s India Plant Continues
Bolivia Protesters Challenge President Morales
Striking Zurich Police Refuse to Hand out Fines
Swaziland Unions Call Off Protests, Fearing Violence
The World of Labor — April 16, 2011

U.S. Government Shutdown Averted by Budget Deal
300 Immigrant Hunger Strikers in Greece Win Struggle
Russian Unions Skeptical About Labor Promises
Finnish Salaried Workers Opt for 2-Week Strike in Paper Industry
Workers at Jordan Water Company Stage Sit-in to Back Demands
40,000 Honduran Teachers Back at Work after Month-Long Strike
The World of Labor — April 9, 2011

AFL-CIO to Conduct Nation-Wide “Day of Actions” on April 4
Arab World Unions Call for Support for Labor Rights
Honk Kong Unions Threaten to Boycott Cargoes from Japan
Canadian Workers Occupy Legislature after Defeat of Bill
Saudi Women Step Up Equality Demand
Thousands of Mexicans Protest Outsourcing and Firings
The World of Labor — April 2, 2011

Egyptian Workers Defy Draft Bill to Ban Protests
Unions Ensure Noisy Start at European Summit
Turkish Workers Launch Mass Strike at 21 Companies
A Warning Against Restricting U.S. Workers’ Rights
Expect 300,000 at British Rally to Protest Austerity Plans
Polish Nurses on Hunger Strike Demand Arbitration
The World of Labor — March 26, 2011

Global Unions Send Condolences and Funds to Japanese People
Malaysia Reveals It ‘Caned’ 30,000 Foreign Workers Since 2005
Union Lawyers from Various Countries Meet in Cuba
Public Workers’ Nationwide Strike Paralyzes Italy
U.S. Workers Expand Their Ranks in Fight for Bargaining Rights
Norway’s Labor Inspectorate Scrutinizes Staffing Industry
The Taxi Strike in Western Cape (S. Africa) Will Go On, Union Vows
The World of Labor — March 19, 2011

International Women’s Day Celebrates 100th Anniversry
1,500 Workers in Rangoon, Burma Stage Mass Strike
French Riot Police Break Ferry Strike in Marseille
Thousands Strike at Vietnam’s Yamaha Factory
The World of Labor — March 12, 2011

Global Unions Spotlight 28 Oil Multinationals on Libya
Jobless Rate Drops to 8.9%; Add 192,000 jobs; Recovery Still Fragile
Labor and the Future of the Egyptian Revolution
Computer Giant Ignores Request from Chinese Poisoned Workers
Final Round for Domestic ILO Convention
Facebook Is Used To Build Audience for Mass Protest
The World of Labor — March 5, 2011

200,000 Indian Workers March to Parliament to Air Grievances
U.S. Labor Unity Grows During Wisconsin Standoff on Bargaining Bill
Egyptian Workers Strike for Higher Pay and Ouster of Corrupt Officials
Global Day of Action in Mexico Draws Unionists from 40 Countries
Millions of People in U.K. Worked Unpaid Overtime Last Year
Greek Police Clash with Anti-Austerity Protesters
The World of Labor — February 26, 2011

Suez Canal Workers Join Broad Strikes in Egypt
Wisconsin Governor Denounced for Anti-Union Bill
Two-Day Strike Wins Georgian Miners 20-40% Pay Rise
Immigrant Workers Say F rance Betrayed Strike Deal
Korean Courts Pay Cleaning Women Below Minimum
Labor Unions Work to Raise Indiana’s Profile
The World of Labor — February 19, 2011

Mubarak Resigns; Egyptians Win Battle for Freedom
Tunisia Is Pressed to Act on Country’s Social Needs
A U.S. Governor Would Use Military to Back Anti-Union Bill
Algerian Military Worried About Marching Protesters
Women Activists Seek Change in Union Structure
Finland Creates Temp Jobs for Unemployed Youth
The World of Labor — February 12, 2011

U.S. Jobless Rate Drops to 9%; Only 36,000 New Jobs
Global Unions to Support Egypt’s Protesters on Feb. 8
Pressure on Deutsche Telekom to Deal with U.S. Union
Turkish Police Clash with Protesting Workers
Union Allowed to Bargain for 45,000 Airport Security Guards
Radical Irish Candidates Declare ‘War on the Rich’
The World of Labor — February 5, 2011

Revolt in Egypt Continues, Despite Mubarak Crackdown
Tunisian Unions Play Increasing Role in Country’s Crisis
Spain’s Government in Deal to Raise Retirement Age
Union Leaders Team Up with Davos on Job Creation
10,000 March in Milan Against New Fiat Work Rules
Thousands Protest in Jordan with a Series of Demands
The World of Labor — January 29, 2011

Tunisian Union to Call General Strike for a New Government
Chicago Teamsters Form Partnership with Chinese Unions
Jobs on Agenda at Monetary Fund and World Bank
Trade Unions May Be Allowed Back into Burma
Walmart Challenged in South Africa by a Coalition
Thousands Rally in Jordan Against Economic Policies
The World of Labor — January 22, 2011

U.S. Plans to Sue 4 States over Election Law Rights
U.A.W. to Renew Organizing Effort at Foreign-Owned Plants
Tunisians Drive President from Power in Mass Revolt
Lebanon Unions to Strike Despite Government Collapse
Egypt’s Workers Demand Government Attention
Japan Denies Workers the Right to Strike
The World of Labor — January 15, 2011

ILO Says Economic Crisis Cut Global Wage Growth by Half
Israeli Diplomacy at Standstill as Staff Stages Slowdown
Mines Became Death Traps for 105 in 2010
FIAT Union Head Repeats Call for Jan. 28 Strike
Unions Clash with Government over 90-Day Probation
700,000 Workers in Saudi Arabia Have No Pay Protection
The World of Labor — January 9, 2011

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