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2010-2012 Edition
— Why Unions Are In Politics —
By Harry Kelber

"We bought 10,000 copies of the politics booklet. It was very useful in informing our members about union achievements for working families."
— Dan O'Connell, Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer, Heartland Regional Council of Carpenters (past endorsement)

"Very thorough, very clear and easy reading...the best union booklets we have ever seen."
— Sandy Curriero, organizer for Operating Engineers Local 400 (past endorsement)

  • When your members finish reading this booklet, ask them whether they want to remain on the sidelines, letting Big Business dominate government, or whether they want to join with millions of others to promote the needs of working people.
  • Unions, through their political struggles, have done more good for America's working people, non-union as well as union, than any other insitution in the country — and have gotten less credit for it.
  • This booklet will help unions and their 15.3 million members organize millions more for positive political action. That's why the Ironworkers Political Action League just ordered 2,000 copies of this new edition and the Washington State Council of Firefighters ordered 500 copies.

Some of Organized Labor's
Legislative Victories:

  • — The 8-hour Workday —
  • — 40 Hour Week with Time and a Half for Overtime —
  • — Social Security and Jobless Insurance —
  • — Free Public Schools —
  • — Stopping Adulterated Food and Dangerous Drugs by Passing, in Coalition with Consumer Groups, the Pure Food and Drug Act —
  • — Workers' Compensation for Accidents on the Job —
  • — Civil Rights Act of 1965 —
  • — Private Pension Funds —
  • — Health and Safety Protection in the Workplace —
  • — The Right to Join a Union —