Belong and Be Strong: The Union Story for Students

Published, 2007

By Harry Kelber

Most students today can't conceive of a time when there was massive unemployment, widespread starvation, frequent evictions and foreclosures, and wages slashed by 10, 20 and 30 percent for those "lucky" enough to have jobs. Now you can tell them what unions have done for more than a century to improve the lives of working people and why a strong labor movement is critical today as the country is facing a rapidly diminishing middle class, increasing unemployment and poverty, foreclosures and vicious attacks on labor.

"Belong and Be Strong: The Union Story for Students" will make it a lot easier to organize the new generation of workers by reaching out to them while they are still in school.

This booklet is good reading for everyone, especially for young people of all ages. Help make it available by ordering enough copies to distribute to local middle schools and high schools, colleges and public libraries.

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