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Tools for Union Organizing
and Political Action

Today, all labor unions are under attack by anti-union, right-wing forces that would like to create a union-free environment. Through their struggles, unions have done more good for America's working people, non-union as well as union, than any other institution in the country - and have gotten less credit for it. The Labor Educator publications will help you counter right-wing propaganda and help your organization promote the truth about how labor unions remain a crucial part of the heart and soul of our nation. These booklets will arm your members so that they can educate others about the importance of belonging to and supporting unions.

Harry Kelber, author of the series of The Labor Educator booklets, has served the labor movement for more than seven decades as a journalist, organizer, educator and constructive critic. For decades, international unions and hundreds of locals and labor councils have used The Labor Educator publications to educate members and the public and to facilitate organizing and political action. The most popular booklets have been "Why Unions Are in Politics," "Why Unions Are Good For You and Your Family ," "Por Que Los Sindicatos Son Buenos Para Usted Y Su Familia" and "Belong and Be Strong: The Union Story for Students."

Place your order for these low-cost booklets and help build a more informed and involved membership. Each easy-to-read booklet contains irrefutable facts and useful information that the union-bashers don't want the public and workers of all professions to know or think about. The booklets are powerful educational and organizational tools that can help those who believe in social and economic justice make their case why America needs a strong, vibrant labor movement.

Each week, The Labor Educator publishes LaborTalk and The World of Labor by Harry Kelber on the Internet and sends them out to subscribers via email. These columns are posted on two web sites: LaborEducator.org and LaborsVoiceForChange.org. For free subscriptions send an email to info@LaborEducator.org with the word "Subscribe" in the subject line.

An outstanding resource on the Internet that can be useful to help unions "think strategically, fight smart and win," is www.CorporateCampaign.org. Be sure to check out the "Campaigns" section.

By Harry Kelber

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Harry Kelber Teaching a Class on the Importance of Labor Unions in Politics

Labor Journalist and Professor Harry Kelber