LaborTalk for December 30, 2012

Campaign to Elect a New AFL-CIO President
To Replace 'Rich' Trumka Begins in January

By Harry Kelber

With only nine months before the start of the AFL-CIO's 27th convention, unions are beginning to elect delegates and prepare resolutions to describe how they feel about Richard Trumka and his group of sell-serving, self-perpetuating bureaucrats, who have had a hammerlock on the organization's policies and activities.

If AFL-CIO affiliates, down to the local unions, voted for pro- worker rights delegates, it would open up an opportunity to challenge Trumka's "do nothing" policies at the convention.

As they elect convention delegates, union members should be reminded that no officer or member of a State AFL-CIO or Central Labor Council has ever been elected to decision-making positions on the national level.

Trumka's power also rests on a couple of paragraphs in the AFL-CIO Constitution that give hundreds of thousands of convention votes to the big unions, while state and local labor affiliates are given one delegate and one convention vote each.

Vote for Delegates Who Favor Honest Elections

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