LaborTalk for December 5, 2011

The First Lady Has invited Me to Have Dinner
With Barack and Her. She's 'Excited' to Meet Me!

By Harry Kelber

On December 2, I received an invitation from Michelle Obama inviting me to have dinner with her and Barack. Although no date for the dinner was mentioned, I figured I was on my way to becoming a nationally respected personality.

I thought the invitation should have been embossed with a card containing the President's seal, but it came as an e-mail. Well, I thought, she was too busy, probably working on her garden or planning a healthy diet for school children.

But I admit I was annoyed, when the invitation was addressed just to "Harry," like I was an old friend, with no sign that she knew my surname. But I quickly forgot the slight when her opening sentence said: "I'm excited for the chance to meet you and whoever you decide to bring to dinner."

I got the impression that this was to be a cozy dinner. White tie or black tie? I would have a chance to ask Barack what was the real story about Libya and what about al-Qaeda when our troops left Iraq and Afghanistan? What would we be talking about? Should I bring the Obamas a gift? What do you give people who have everything?

Michelle's invitation was conditional, I quickly realized. It had been sent with the same message to maybe a million people on the White House various fund-raising lists. I could spare the $3 she asked for the "entry fee. " But what were my chances of winning a national lottery of Obama supporters?

However, Michelle encouraged me: "I really hope you give this a shot," she said. Her concluding words on the e-mail were: "Hope to see you soon."

President Obama Liked the $3 Pitch to the Less Wealthy

The President explained why he liked the dinner invitation to four guests. In an e-mail, he remarked: " Michelle and I don't get as much time as we'd like with the people who are building the 2012 campaign." He promised to bring Michelle to the dinner.

Obama also pushed the low-priced fundraiser by stating: "We're looking forward to the chance to thank you in person, so I hope you'll take us up about it."

Our compliments to White House hospitality. And to the four guests, whom Barack and Michelle are eagerly awaiting to feed, "Bon Appetit!

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